Technology Services

We support open-source big data technologies and provide services for deployment and maintenance of cutting edge big data storage and management tools.

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Advisory Services

We offer big data advisory services for companies of all sizes. We provide data intelligence for custom scenarios.

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We empower your engineering and data science team to take advantage of the power of industry tested open source frameworks for storing and analyzing big data.

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Integrate, Analyze, Visualize, Understand

Using an industry tested open source pipeline allows you to satisfy all your data needs at once, regardless of the source, type, size, or format of your data. Using our big data pipeline you can:

  • Combine heterogeneous data sources
  • Store data in a scalable way
  • Access data in real-time, and process at scale
  • Use machine learning algorithms to extract intelligence
  • Visualize insights to bring out data to the front stage


  • Customer analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Market research
  • Risk and security
  • Social media analytics
  • Retail analytics
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Time series forecasting
  • Real-time analytics.
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